50 billion connected objects by 2020!

We’re making it possible now!

On a Friday afternoon, in November 2015, UWINLOC’s founders Eric Cariou and Jan Mennekens put their minds together to draw the future of precise asset tracking. 
Our innovation is made possible by a collaboration of a multicultural team of 8 nationalities, including engineers, business developers, lawyers, tech enthusiasts, and go-getters who believe in Excellence, Fun, and Human Values.
28 UWINLOCers bring together their passion and talent to achieve a single goal: integrated IoT technology for smart and efficient asset management!


Institutional funding partners

With the support of the Occitanie Regional Council and European Union, UWINLOC has been selected to receive a grant of €250,000 that will go towards research and development efforts to advance the innovative project.
This grant is tied to a contrat d’appui, under the name of the Fonds Européen for regional development of operations program FEDER-FSE Midi-Pyrénées et Garonne 2014-2020.

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