In an effort to recruit candidates worldwide, French startup, UWINLOC, delivers a story-telling video in two minutes on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

UWINLOC, the Industry 4.0 start-up, hosted in the Airbus BizLab accelerator, decided to steer away from creating your typical corporate video that interviews each member on the team. Instead, the video has a quick “Mission: Impossible” theme and the team members were featured as actors themselves… there is even a featured role that one might say resembles an extra in HBO’s Game of Thrones (you’ll have to see when you watch it).

The video was created to recruit talent nationally and internationally, to draw in candidates who want a change in their career, or perhaps those are just kicking off their career and want to begin their journey with a talented IoT start-up.

CEO of UWINLOC, Eric Cariou, explains “we approached this video project using our two start-up core values: Excellence and Fun. The message behind our video is that we have a breakthrough technology protected by patents and we strive to protect it through the per-severance of our team. Our goal for the video was to reach out to candidates worldwide because we are focusing on branding ourselves as an international company, having de-veloped a solution that’s adaptable for many international clients and partners. Soon, we will be opening offices in North America and in Asia so what better way than to introduce ourselves than with a fun, story-telling video?”

The start-up aims to collect over 10,000 views on social media but most of all, their aim is at minimum to double the rate of incoming applicants.

Viewers can either share the video directly from any of the UWINLOC social media pages or by going to the following link :

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