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Now part of Paragon ID / RFiD Discovery
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RFiD Discovery enhances its offering to industrial markets with an RTLS which uses batteryless tags

RFiD Discovery is pleased to announce that its parent company Paragon ID has acquired UWINLOC, an award-winning French provider of indoor and outdoor tracking solutions which use their pioneering energy harvesting technology to deliver systems with batteryless Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tags and minimal infrastructure.

The acquisition will enable RFiD Discovery to enhance its asset and inventory tracking solutions for industrial markets with a Real Time Location System (RTLS) which eliminates the need for tag batteries. This will allow the company to offer more environmentally friendly real-time tracking solutions at a lower cost without compromising on location accuracy.

Bringing down the cost of real-time tracking technology

Based in Toulouse, France, UWINLOC was founded in 2015 with the goal to provide integrated IoT technology for smart and efficient management of assets and inventory in warehouses and outdoor storage areas. With over 30 customers and a presence in five countries, the company provides accurate real-time location solutions using forklift mounted readers and eliminating the need for fixed infrastructure.

UWINLOC holds over 20 patents including those centred around energy harvesting technology to enable UWB tags to function without battery. This means that UWB tags can be provided at a substantially lower cost, making accurate tracking technologies feasible for a wider range of items including lower value inventory and assets.

Integrating functionality

UWINLOC’s MahVis system for the location visualisation of materials handling processes perfectly complements RFiD Discovery’s existing product offering for the industrial sector.

The plan is to integrate the MahVis solution with RFiD Discovery’s existing TrackSphereTM software, a complete Iocation-tracking platform, able to support all available technologies and provide solutions suited to a wide spectrum of industrial applications. The resulting system will simplify the implementation of forklift tracking solutions.

TrackSphereTM was originally developed by Tracktio, a Spanish-based technology company, which through acquisition became part of RFiD Discovery in July 2022. The software, which is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS), is designed to be white labelled, no-code configurable and API-expandable. It is ideally suited to applications within the manufacturing, construction, logistics and other industrial sectors and can use data from a wide range of tracking technologies such as active and passive RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS, BLE, LoRa, UWB, Quuppa and optical identification.

Over the past 15 years RFiD Discovery solutions have been adopted in many healthcare and industrial environments including by over 100 hospitals as well as a wide range of industrial businesses, in the UK, France and beyond. 

Arron Duddin, Smart Solutions Director at RFiD Discovery, said: 

“We are delighted to welcome UWINLOC as part of our growing RFiD Discovery team. The acquisition will help us enhance our existing tracking capabilities for intralogistics and production environments. Removing the need for fixed infrastructure will simplify the implementation of forklift-based tracking solutions for both our customers and global partner network.

“We are particularly excited about being able to provide accurate real-time tracking solutions without the need for battery-powered tags, taking away cost barriers to expanding systems and making our solutions more sustainable.”

Cassandre Le Corre, Sales Director at UWINLOC, commented: 

“Becoming part of RFiD Discovery with its excellent reputation and growing customer and partner base offers a fantastic opportunity for UWINLOC to build on our ground-breaking technology solutions with additional investment and the backing from a global company. 

“We look forward to working with the RFiD Discovery team with the goal of integrating our solutions and bringing new technological advances to our customers.”

Flow Management

Gain in efficiency, productivity and avoid human error

Indoor & Outdoor asset tracking

Continuously track your assets indoor & outdoor

No maintenance

Our battery-less tags don’t need any maintenance

Our Solutions

UWINLOC has developed its MAHVIS (Materials Handling and Visibility Solution) solution. It consists of a module that includes an UWB receiver and a UHF exciter and is designed to be installed on Forklifts or rolling machines, operated either Outdoor or Indoor.

The FELLIX solution is an indoor location solution that sets itself apart from existing technologies and disrupts the market.

The innovation connects tags, beacons, a server, and a visualisation software. With its simple installation and ability to track large volumes of all types of assets, the system provides a key solution to creating added value across all industries.

Tags are placed on assets that need to be traced. The module interacts with the tags thanks to UWINLOC technology.

Our Technology

The UWINLOC solution is an indoor & outdoor location solution that sets itself apart from existing technologies and disrupts the market.

“UWINLOC has achieved the best technology for Industry 4.0, enabling real time asset tracking, accurate location and workflow digitalisation.”

Nicolas auger, SME digital MANUFACTURING, michelin

“The only solution on the market enabling scale into the granularity of our flow, thanks to this breakthrough industrial battery-less tag. The UWINLOC’s solution addresses needs that have been existing for years!”


“We have had this open question for years: How to locate aerospace major components stored in our outside park with a reliable, battery free and low cost solution? Thanks to innovation and a robust partnership driven by UWINLOC, we have been able to finally address it.”