Asset traceabilty & Location with ROI comparable to RFID ?

We’re making it possible now!

In November 2015 UWINLOC’s two co-founders Eric Cariou and Jan Mennekens put their minds together to draw the future of precise asset tracking. 
UWINLOC’s innovation is made possible through collaboration of a multicultural team with Engineering, Business Development, Legal/IP strong knowledge, who are tech enthusiasts, go-getters and who believe in Excellence, Fun, and Human Values.
Nearly 30 UWINLOCers bring together their passion and talent to achieve a single goal: integrated IoT technology for smart and efficient asset management!


In 2017,  INPI Occitanie, the French intellectual property institution also known as “the house of innovators” dedicated to protecting national industrial property rights, certified UWINLOC as a “talent”.
This means UWINLOC has an innovation strategy that transforms our innovation into success, aligning the efforts to protect industrial property.
With the support of INPI, UWINLOC strives to protect and valorise its innovations in the best way. UWINLOC owns today 23 patents around its innovative, energy harvesting location tags. 

Institutional funding partners

With the support of the Occitanie Regional Council and European Union, UWINLOC has been selected to receive a grant of €250,000 that will go towards research and development efforts to advance the innovative project.
This grant is tied to a contrat d’appui, under the name of the Fonds Européen for regional development of operations program FEDER-FSE Midi-Pyrénées et Garonne 2014-2020.

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