December 14, 2018 (Toulouse, France) – ARCYS & UWINLOC have just signed a long-term partnership that will enable ARCYS to distribute and license UWINLOC unique tracking  solution to Nuclear players throughout France.

This partnership enlarges ARCYS’ existing LoRa portfolio with UWINLOC’s complementary advanced solution.

“This solution will provide a high level of reliability and location precision in harsh environments. Not to mention, the product range between passive and active tags allows us to track and locate a variety of assets and people with RTLS and near RTLS tags.

The fact that all tags are based on the same infrastructure will result in considerable savings for customers while digitizing their logistics and industrial flow. In addition, the solution allows for continuous tracking of a range of physical parameters including Temperature and Movement » Jean-Damien Du Rivau, CEO of ARCYS

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with ARCYS, a recognized leader in harsh and secure electronics. After a range of conclusive trials with ARCYS, whose shareholders are Techicatome and Framatome, this partnership is opening doors to large scale deployments of UWINLOC’s solutions in extremely demanding environments.” Eric Cariou, CEO of UWINLOC

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