Mobile World Congress is opening its doors once again in Barcelona, Spain but little do the audience know there’s going to be a special invite-only meeting happening during February 27th to March 1st. This special meeting is called the Mobile World Congress Brokerage Event and it’s for international companies to meet each other for the first time in a speed dating fashion.

Participants were instructed to register and pick who they want to meet in advance. Although this has been recently trending for big events to include side schedule meet-up apps, this event in itself is dedicated to making more time and designated areas for these B2B meetings. The organizers, Enterprise Europe Network along with the EU Commission and Government of Catalonia, have arranged the scheduled times themselves so all the participants have to do is pick their partners and relax until it’s show time.

Registered as a service provider for this industrial sector, UWINLOC is participating as a startup and will be sharing information on its breakthrough technology. CEO, Eric Cariou, will be present to personally introduce himself and the company and seek potential partnerships at this Brokerage event.

“This Brokerage event is a great opportunity to meet one on one with international businesses during the Mobile World Congress and see how we could help each other” said Eric Cariou, CEO at UWINLOC. “This whole event is important for knowing what new technologies are emerging in the market and what effects that may have on the Industry 4.0.”

The Brokerage Event will take place from February 27th to March 1st at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona where you can also find out more information by going on the MWC Brokerage Event website: http://mwc2016be.talkb2b.net.