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A modular solution to cater for all your use cases with and optimal ROI

100% Work in progress, asset search & retrieve

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  • Productivity gains : research time, manual operations, etc.
  • Reduction of RPS, better working conditions : stress, fatigue, etc.
  • Right the first time, and reduced delivery times
  • Contribution to improving safety : less operator movements

The FELLIX solution is an indoor location solution that sets itself apart from existing technologies and disrupts the market.

The innovation connects tags, beacons, a server, and a visualisation software. With its simple installation and ability to track large volumes of all types of assets, the system provides a key solution to creating added value across all industries.

  • Quick ROI : < 2 years
  • Battery-less solution : low cost, maintenance-free tag, scalable
  • Precise and robust thanks to the UWB
  • Modular solution : accurate, zoning, sensors… on the same UWB infrastructure

Accuracy: <1m

Zoning & I/O detection, asset search & retrieve

Accuracy: <10m

The Energy Sources powers tags located on objects.  Each tag then emits its unique ID back to the UWB receiver.
Data received by the UWB receiver is then sent through Wi-Fi or ethernet, directly to the UWINLOC location engine processing Unit.
Location data will be display on the UWINLOC visualization server.