Infrastructure free traceability and accurate location solution

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  • Productivity gains: research time, manual operations, etc.
  • Reduction of RPS, better working conditions : stress, fatigue, etc.
  • Right the first time, and reduced delivery times
  • Contribution to improving safety : less operator movements

UWINLOC has developed its MAHVIS (Materials Handling and Visibility Solution) solution. It consists of a module that includes an UWB receiver and a UHF exciter and is designed to be installed on Forklifts or rolling machines, operated either Outdoor or Indoor.

Tags are placed on assets that need to be traced. The module interacts with the tags thanks to UWINLOC technology.

  • Quick ROI : < 2 years
  • Battery-less solution : low cost, maintenance-free tag
  • No fixed infrastructure costs : indepedent cost from the surface of the area/m²
  • Easy to deploy : adapts to several types of forklifts or other handling equipment


Outdoor,  the system uses GPS to locate within 1 to 3 meters accuracy,  the forklift and the associated tags once they are picked up, transported or dropped out.


Indoor,  the system uses reference position tags placed on each storage area (on racks, on the floor or any other dedicated storage area), and pair it to tag placed on an asset to obtain a 50 cm location accuracy.

The Module powers tags located on objects which it faces.  Each tag then emits its unique ID back to the UWB receiver. Data received by the UWB receiver is then sent through a Wi-Fi or a 3/4/5G network, directly to the UWINLOC location engine processing Unit. Location data will be display on the UWINLOC visualization server.