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In order to best meet the requirements of its customers, UWINLOC has developed its own chipset using energy harvesting and UWB. This technology allows an accuracy of less than 1m today, with a range of 20m, which is twice as good as competitors. The power consumption is also 5 to 10 times lower.

UWINLOC has developed a set of 24 patents covering all innovations regarding energy harvesting, Ultra-Wide Band specific signal modulation and system algorithms.

Energy harvesting

In order to be battery-less, UWINLOC technology is using Radio Frequency energy harvesting. The advantage of Radio Energy is that it is available everywhere, and can easily be increased using extra energy sources where needed.

Ultra Wide Band

In order to be precise and reliable, UWINLOC technology is emitting in Ultra Wide Band (UWB). UWB consists of transmitting over a very wide band with a very low signal level which is almost drowned in noise: if you look at the spectrum, it is almost impossible to recognize the signal you have just transmitted.
Indeed, UWB technology was designed by armies for extremely robust communication systems, very difficult to hack and very difficult to listen to. This provides a lot of security, precision and robustness.

Learn more about how we developed this technology by reading the article written by our CTO Jan Mennekens.