IIoT’s impact and what this means for Europe

If you’re actively involved in the tech world, you’ve probably heard all about IoT and connected objects to bring ease of lifestyle for today and tomorrow’s generations.

But why? Well, this trending topic is due to the fact that IoT has a high economic impact.

And we’re no longer talking billions of dollars. We’re talking trillions.

With this in mind, the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, aligns with the theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 which helps contribute to innovative solutions for common industry pain points.

Chunka Mui from Forbes mentions in his IIoT article, “McKinsey estimates that IoT will have an potential economic impact of up to $6.2 trillion by 2025. And the potential to drive productivity across $36 trillion in operating costs across multiple industries, including manufacturing, health care, and mining.”

Bringing it back to SIDO, this only happens once a year and its purpose is to accelerate IoT projects in Europe. This event encourages the networking and collaboration of European decision makers, researchers, and tech providers.

If collaboration is successful and continues to progress, Europe will be the leading source of IoT solutions.

UWINLOC’s Industrial IoT Tracking Device

UWINLOC has a booth in the SIDO Startup Valley to promote our breakthrough indoor tracking system that helps ease business operations for large industrial companies.

Imagine what this means for top managers to bring back a high ROI for their businesses in just a short amount of time?

As a matter of fact, UWINLOC will be searching for potential B2B clients who are interested in an IoT tracking solution for their warehouses and production sites.

And for those who aren’t clients? 

Good news: UWINLOC is also ready to build partnerships with integrators and investors. These partners can anticipate high ROI benefits the UWINLOC solution brings due to the high market traction.

With international support from the region, the Ministry of the Economy, the Industry and Digital Technologies, and the EU Commission, the expected turnout is looking promising, bringing together 6,500 guests with a range of different profiles. Thanks to SIDO, Europe shows that it’s ready to embrace the future of innovation!

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