Discovering the latest IoT Tech in Silicon Valley

A 3-day conference for startups & tech providers at IoT World in Silicon Valley. Startups will pitch their solutions and executives will be on the lookout to find new technology to integrate in their current systems. 

When you think of IoT, how would you define it? Conferences, workshops, and events are held internationally to focus on this theme and prepare the world for it.

First of all, I know what you’re thinking: IoT is a broad topic…but that’s what’s so special about it! IoT applies to a vast majority of industries for all companies B2B, B2C, B2B2C. The sky’s the limit! (Even beyond that in certain cases)

The next big IoT event is catered to consumers AND businesses. It’s called IoT World Silicon Valley and they’re expecting a big turnout of 11,000 this year. But how would you know if this event is for you?

First, ask yourself these questions: are you curious to know more about what IoT means for the future? Better yet, how to stay up to date with the latest gadgets and solutions so that you’re not left in the dust?

You have to admit that when you hear there will be speakers from companies such as Amazon, Google, Toshiba, GE,  and Microsoft, this gives a hint as to how important this event will be. 

As important as this event may be for audience members, it’s just as important for the startups presenting their solutions.

What does this mean for the startups?

I can’t speak for all startups but I can speak on behalf of UWINLOC. Our goal for this conference is to reach out to companies who need a battery-less robust tracking solution. That means all the large manufacturers involved in Supply Chain Management who face heavy losses due to asset management. In return, these companies can expect to gain a high ROI within 18 months. This connected solution presents itself as the first global standard for battery-less indoor tracking to accelerate the fourth industrial revolution.

So for all startups, I can say this event is essential for bringing together the tech entrepreneurs and big industrial leaders. Luckily, there will be a pitching competition for the audience to hear what all these startups have to offer.

Learn more about IoT World 2017

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